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2019-03-16 Rugged 2.1 released

New Rugged version released, adding refraction in inverse location

2019-03-05 S├ębastien is now PMC member!

The Rugged team is happy to welcome our latest PMC member: S├ębastien Dorgan.

2018-01-24 Open governance for Rugged

Following Orekit model, Rugged is now ruled by a meritocratic governance model.

2017-12-10 Rugged 2.0 released

New Rugged version released, introducing a refinement feature

2016-09-20 Refraction added to Rugged

In the frame of ESA Summer Of Code In Space (SOCIS), Sergio Esteves has added support of atmospheric refraction ro Rugged.

2016-04-30 Rugged selected for ESA SOCIS 2016

ESA Summer Of Code In Space (SOCIS) offers students the opportunity to contribute to space-related open source software

2016-04-29 First contribution to Rugged by the Algerian Space Agency

Examples of how to call Rugged from Matlab contributed by the Algerian Space Agency

2016-02-10 Rugged 1.0 released

First official release of the Rugged sensor-to-terrain mapping tool

2015-09-21 Visit us at Spie remote sensing in Toulouse on Sept 22nd

CS will be presenting a poster at 17h30 on Tuesday

2015-07-06 Sentinel-2 gets Rugged

Rugged at the heart of the operational processing for Sentinel-2

2015-01-12 Rugged published as free software

The Rugged sensor-to-terrain mapping library is now available as free software