2023-05-30  1st Orekit Talk - DSST by Bryan Cazabonne

The 1st session of the “Orekit Talks” was held on the 23rd of May 2023 and was a great success.
The subject was the “recent evolutions of the DSST propagator in the Orekit library”.
Thanks to all the attendees for this and a special thanks to Bryan for his interesting and clear presentation!

Here are links to:

You can find the scientific publications that were cited in the presentation here :

And the DSST tutorials here:

Some statistics about the meeting: We were 71 registered and 60 actually present during the meeting (we were targeting 50 people so better than expected).
Orekit is a worldwide project, demonstrated by the nationality of the registered: France, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Portugal, USA, India, Canada, Australia, Spain, Bulgaria, Chile.
The audience included a wide variety of players from industry, government, and academia.
Most of the people who attended were regular users of Orekit.
It proves that our community is alive and healthy, this is really great!

We will soon organize the 2nd OrekitTalk, so feel free to notify us on the forum if you are a candidate for the presentation.

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