2023-09-26  2nd Orekit Talk - Propagating Uncertainties, by Florian Humeau

The 2nd session of the “Orekit Talks” was held on the 21st of September 2023.

The subject was “Propagating Uncertainties: New methods of uncertainties propagation with Orekit”. Thanks to all the attendees and a special thanks to Florian Humeau who presented the results of his internship at CS GROUP.

Here is the material from the talk:

Some related scientific publications:

We would like to organize the next OrekitTalk, please notify us if you are a candidate for the presentation!!! It is open to everyone in the community, you can present your own application or product, the only requirement is that it is based on Orekit, and that you explain us how you used Orekit to build it.

See you soon!

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