Class Observation

  • public class Observation
    extends Object
    The Observation class contains the data from an observation line.

    It is not an Orekit object yet. It is a simple container holding:

    • a keyword, the type of the observation;
    • a timetag, the epoch of the observation;
    • a measurement, the value of the observation.

    WARNING. The same class handles many different measurements types (range, Doppler, clocks, pressure, power to noise ratio…). Since Orekit 11.0, it uses only SI units, so angular measurements have already been converted in radians, range has been converted in meters (according to the range units, Doppler has been converted to meters per second. Up to Orekit 10.x, the measurements were raw measurements as read in the TDM.

    Maxime Journot
    • Constructor Detail

      • Observation

        public Observation​(ObservationType type,
                           AbsoluteDate epoch,
                           double measurement)
        Simple constructor.
        type - type of the observation
        epoch - the timetag
        measurement - the measurement (in SI units, converted from TDM)
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public ObservationType getType()
        Get the type of observation.
        type of observation
      • getEpoch

        public AbsoluteDate getEpoch()
        Getter for the epoch.
        the epoch
      • getMeasurement

        public double getMeasurement()
        Getter for the measurement.
        the measurement (in SI units, converted from TDM)