Class Alfriend1999

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    public class Alfriend1999
    extends AbstractAlfriend1999
    Compute the probability of collision using the method described in : "Kyle Alfriend, Maruthi Akella, Joseph Frisbee, James Foster, Deok-Jin Lee, and Matthew Wilkins. Probability of ProbabilityOfCollision Error Analysis. Space Debris, 1(1):21–35, 1999.".

    It assumes :

    • Short encounter leading to a linear relative motion.
    • Spherical collision object.
    • Uncorrelated positional covariance.
    • Gaussian distribution of the position uncertainties.
    • Deterministic velocity i.e. no velocity uncertainties.
    • Both objects are in circular orbits (eq 14).
    • Probability density function is constant over the collision disk (eq 18).

    By assuming a constant probability density function over the collision circle this method will, most of the time, give much higher probability of collision than other regular methods. That is why it is qualified as a maximum probability of collision computing method.

    Vincent Cucchietti