Class ObservationsBlock

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Data, Section

    public class ObservationsBlock
    extends CommentsContainer
    implements Data
    The Observations Block class contain metadata and the list of observation data lines.

    The reason for which the observations have been separated into blocks is that the different data blocks in a TDM file usually refers to different types of observations.

    An observation block is associated with a TDM metadata object and contains a list of observations.

    At this level, an observation is not an Orekit object, it is a custom object containing:

    - a keyword, the type of the observation;

    - a timetag, the date of the observation;

    - a measurement, the value of the observation.

    Maxime Journot
    • Constructor Detail

      • ObservationsBlock

        public ObservationsBlock()
        ObservationsBlock constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getObservations

        public List<Observation> getObservations()
        Get the list of Observations data lines.
        a reference to the internal list of Observations data lines
      • setObservations

        public void setObservations​(List<Observation> observations)
        Set the list of Observations Data Lines.
        observations - the list of Observations Data Lines to set
      • addObservation

        public void addObservation​(Observation observation)
        Adds an observation data line.
        observation - the observation to add to the list
      • addObservation

        public void addObservation​(ObservationType type,
                                   AbsoluteDate epoch,
                                   double measurement)
        Adds an observation data line.
        type - type of the observation
        epoch - the timetag
        measurement - the measurement