Class Tdm

  • public class Tdm
    extends NdmConstituent<TdmHeader,​Segment<TdmMetadata,​ObservationsBlock>>
    This class stores all the information of the CCSDS Tracking Data Message parsed by TDMParser or TDMXMLParser.

    It contains the header and a list of Observations Blocks each containing TDM metadata and a list of observation data lines.

    At this level the observations are not Orekit objects but custom object containing a keyword (type of observation), a timetag (date of the observation) and a measurement (value of the observation).

    It is up to the user to convert these observations to Orekit tracking object (Range, Angular, TurnAroundRange etc...).


    CCSDS 503.0-B-1 recommended standard ("Tracking Data Message", Blue Book, Version 1.0, November 2007).

    Maxime Journot