Class FieldTransformGenerator<T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>>

    • Constructor Detail

      • FieldTransformGenerator

        public FieldTransformGenerator​(Field<T> field,
                                       int neighborsSize,
                                       TransformProvider provider,
                                       double step)
        simple constructor.
        field - field to which the elements belong
        neighborsSize - number of neighbors
        provider - underlying provider
        step - step size
    • Method Detail

      • generate

        public List<FieldTransform<T>> generate​(AbsoluteDate existingDate,
                                                AbsoluteDate date)
        Generate a chronologically sorted list of entries to be cached.

        If existingDate is earlier than date, the range covered by generated entries must cover at least from existingDate (excluded) to date (included). If existingDate is later than date, the range covered by generated entries must cover at least from date (included) to existingDate (excluded).

        The generated entries may cover a range larger than the minimum specified above if the generator prefers to generate large chunks of data at once. It may generate again entries already generated by an earlier call (typically at existingDate), these extra entries will be silently ignored by the cache.

        Non-coverage of the minimum range may lead to a loss of data, as the gap will not be filled by the GenericTimeStampedCache in subsequent calls.

        The generated entries must be chronologically sorted.

        Specified by:
        generate in interface TimeStampedGenerator<T extends CalculusFieldElement<T>>
        existingDate - date of the closest already existing entry (may be null)
        date - date that must be covered by the range of the generated array
        chronologically sorted list of generated entries